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TESCO technology

TESCO technology is based on an high alloy steel with high mechanical resistance (core hardness > 50 HRC); on which a thermochemical surface treatment is applied (surface hardness > 800 Hv1).

This surface treatment leads excellent friction properties, scuffing resistance, and high surface hardness even at high temperatures.TESCO technology is the best compromise between abrasion resistance and high temperature.

This could be applied on different forms: pins, washers, sleeves, plates, slides…

  Dyn. Load (N/mm²) Max speed (m/s) Max Temp (°C) Abrasion resistance Shocks resistance Corrosion resistance Low-Maintenance
TESCO 100 0,5 500°C +++ + ++ ++

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Mating Shaft:

For optimal performances of the joint, the surface roughness should be inferior to 0.8 μm Ra. Shafts hardened for 56 to 60 HRC are recommended. HEF propose TESCO HT pins.


Excellent resistance to wear and seizure
Excellent resistance to temperature


Steel industry
Cement industry
Glass industry