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Steel bushings

Bushings developed and produced by HEF Durferrit are a unique combination of surface geometry and surface treatment, designed for long life, high performance, and low-maintenance, often used in the most extreme environments.

HEF Durferrit also offers numerous other components for friction applications, such as, shafts, sleeves, washers, slides, and spherical bearings. As with bushings, these products are the result of years of tribological experience and testing using the best available equipment and methods.
Whether a stock item, or, manufactured to your requirements or specifications, HEF has the product to suit your application.

Material/Surface treatment combination

Surface treatments provide benefits from the properties of the deposited coating, while retaining the characteristics of the base material.

Optimum properties are obtained by combining selected surface treatments with a suitable material to provide resistance to scuffing, wear, friction, and corrosion.

Surface geometry

Surface design represents a critical contribution to the performance of HEF bushings, with geometries that address specific environmental requirements, such as lubrication and abrasion.



Retains lubricant in the contact area and improves significantly removal of abrasive particles

Surface cavities

Contains a considerable reserve of grease in the friction area, providing for less frequent greasing, or even, maintenance-free operation. Compared to cross hatching, this typical surface topography enhances load bearing capacity.