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All bushings technolgies from HEF group are available on slide shape. Theses slides offer a bigger wear resistance than the usual slides. So they rise significantly the systems lifetime.

Also, all the caracteristics indicated for the bushings are valid for the flat products (slides, washers...).

PEL™ slides:

- High pressure
- Seizure resistance
- Shocks résistance
- Abrasion resistance

FAM™ slides:

- High abrasion resistance
- Shocks résistance

TESCO™ Slides :

- High surface hardness, even at high temperature
- Abrasion resistance

COD11™ slides:

- Corrosion resistance
- Seizure resistance
- Shocks resistance

H-LINER™ slides:

- Maintenance free, selflubricant
- Small friction coefficient
- complexe shapes available
- Small water absorption Faible
- Small weight