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Quality system

To meet the requirements of quality and service of its worldwide customers, Techniques Surfaces units have implemented all over the world a global quality process according to standards NF EN 9001 and / or IATF 16949.

Due to this initiative, Techniques Surfaces guaranty its customers the same quality standards worldwide, regardless the unit taking in charge the treatment


Country Unit Certificate
France HEF Groupe HEF Groupe - ISO9001
TS Andrézieux TSA - EN 9100
Germany HEF Durferrit Deutschland GmbH HEF DURFERRIT DEUTSCHLAND GmbH- ISO9001
TSK Lichtenberg

TSK Lichtenberg - ISO9001 - DE

TSK Lichtenberg - ISO9001 - EN

Brasil TS Do Brasil TS Do Brasil - ISO9001
TS Mogi Guaçu

TS Mogi Guaçu - ISO9001

TS Mogi Guacu - IATF 16946:2016

China TS Dalian

TS Dalian - IATF16949
TS Dalian - ISO 14001
TS Shanghai TS Shanghai - IATF16949
TS Tianjin TS Tianjin - IATF16949 - CN
TS Tianjin - IATF16949 - EN
TS Tianjin - ISO14001 - CN
TS Tianjin - ISO14001 - EN
TS Wuxi TS Wuxi - IATF16949
TS Wuxi - ISO9001
TS Wuxi - ISO14001
Spain TS Catalunya TS Catalunya - IATF16949
TS Catalunya - ISO9001
TS Eizen TS Eizen - ISO9001 - EN
TS Eizen - ISO9001 - ES
Hungary TS Hungary TS Hungary - IATF16949 - EN
TS Hungary - IATF16949 - HU
TS Hungary - ISO9001 - EN
India TS Pune TS Pune - ISO9001
TS Trichy

TS Trichy - ISO9001

TS MMNagar

TS MMNagar - ISO9001

KKTS Hosur KKTS Hosur - ISO9001
Italy TS Italy TS Italy - ISO9001
TS Coatings TS Coatings - ISO9001 - EN
TS Coatings - ISO9001 - IT
Japan TS Gunma TS Gunma - ISO9001 - EN
TS Gunma - ISO9001 - JP
TS Tufftride TS Tufftride - ISO9001
TS Nanocoat TS Nananocoat - ISO9001
Mexico TS Mexico TS Mexico - ISO9001
TS ETSA TS Etsa - IATF16949
TS Etsa - ISO9001 IQNet
TS Etsa - ISO9001 QM15
Poland TS Sbaszynek TS Sbaszynek - ISO9001
TS Sbaszynek - ISO 9001 - appendices
Czech Republic TS Katring TS Katring - IATF16949
United Kingdom TS UK TS UK - ISO9001
Thailand TS Thailand TS Thailand - ISO9001
NCT NCT - ISO 9001 & AS 9100