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HEF DURFERRIT is the commercialization branch of the HEF group. Through its international network, HEF DURFERRIT is the worldwide interface for HEF group customers.

The products marketed by HEF DURFERRIT are grouped into the following four categories :

- Bushings and joints

- Vacuum deposits PVD / PACVD

- Nitriding

- Treatment Salts

HEF DURFERRIT is present worldwide with an international network to respond locally to your questions or problems and can offer, according to your need:

- Advanced engineering and testing to define the best technological choices with IREIS .

- Products to fit your needs.

- Services in the jobbing network TECHNIQUES SURFACES

- A technology transfer, incorporating the provision of equipment, consumables and staff training.

- The establishment of dedicated industrial units near your facility, integrating the treatment services in your industrial flows.