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The Techniques Surfaces (TS) establishments are the custom treatment subsidiaries of the HEF Group and offer an extensive range of custom treatments (mostly patented by the HEF Group) so as to meet industrialists' surface engineering requirements.
Techniques Surfaces has been accompanying its customers for more than 40 years, spreading HEF's expertise worldwide through almost 50 establishments in 18 countries.

The HEF Group and its subsidiary Techniques Surfaces have built their reputation in the area of surface treatments and coatings in three strategic domains:

  • Liquid ionic nitrocarburizing and oxynitrocarburizing processes (CLIN®): ARCOR®, SURSULF®, TENIFER®, TUFFRIDE®, MELONITE® and QPQ® processes.
  • Thin layers obtained by vacuum deposition (PVD and PACVD): CERTESS® and PROCEM® layers.
  • Specific treatments by diffused deposition (STANAL®, DELSUN®, ZINAL® and FOREZ®), mechanicaldeposition (DEPTON®) and spray deposition (DOT®, TEGLISS®, SDA® and GRAPHLUB®) giving materials an interesting tribological behaviour.

In order to accomplish this mission, Techniques Surfaces and its units have set themselves several aims:

  • To be close to large industrial sites in order to reduce transport times and costs.
  • To innovate continuously in order to develop new technical solutions.
  • To maintain and develop ever more efficient and competitive production equipment.
  • To provide quality service.

Today, Techniques Surfaces' technologies and know-how are utilised in practically all areas of activity which are concerned to any extent by the functionalisation and/or protection of surfaces.
This privileged position rests on four major assets:

  • A range of processes meeting specific constraints for most materials (steels, cast irons, light or cuprous alloys, ceramics, glasses, polymers, composites, etc.).
  • Solutions adapted to suit the most diverse generic functions (mechanical, optical, electrical, decorative functions, etc.).
  • An ability to combine several technologies in order to provide an appropriate answer to a specific requirement and/or create a new function.
  • A wide spectrum of applications and presence in diversified sectors.

Always and in the continuous concern for quality which has driven Techniques Surfaces since it was set up, an overall quality approach has been adopted on its various sites so as to meet the requirements of the various sectors served as well as possible: automotive, public works, aeronautics, defence, industry, etc. This approach led Techniques Surfaces to be quickly certified (ISO 9001 : 2008 and EN9100 - Qualifas) actively involving all of the personnel. The environmental approach is ongoing within its units, Techniques Surfaces committing to making its production equipment and its treatments ever cleaner. In addition, the continuous improvement approach in force within the Group enables it to offer its customers reproducible, quality treatments, the latter being thus duplicated worldwide in a continuous concern for excellence.

In order to go further in customer satisfaction and be in a position to meet requirements ranging from single parts to very large volumes, while at the same time keeping an efficient price and delivery policy, Techniques Surfaces constantly invests in the most advanced technologies in order to continually improve its operational performance.