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PEL® bushings

PEL® bushings have an excellent resistance to wear and seizure thanks to the combination of a duplex surface treatment and a special surface topography.

This cross hatching topography provides grease reservoirs in the loaded area and enables removing of abrasive particles.

They are appropriated to work in severe working conditions: high pressure, abrasion, shocks and corrosion.

PEL® LV bushings are an alternative with no cross hatching on the ID. They offer really good performances (wear and seizure resistance…) under high static loads (low dynamic pressure) and by small oscillating movement.

  Dyn. Load (N/mm²) Max speed (m/s) Max Temp (°C) Abrasion resistance Shocks resistance Corrosion resistance Low-Maintenance
PEL® 100 1,5 250°C ++ ++ ++ ++

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For optimal performances of the joint, the surface roughness should be inferior to Ra 0.8 μm and the hardness should be superior to 56 HRC. For optimal performances, special shafts are available from HEF DURFERRIT: PEL® ST, PEL® STC.


Interval of lubrication up to 50 hours (depending on the working conditions)
Excellent resistance to seizure and wear
Excellent distribution of the grease on the entire friction surface


Steel industry
Glass industry
Construction equipment
Production equipment