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Surface treatments have been developing quickly during the recent year. All industry fields are now using them widely to solve surface problems or to give new function to part’s surfaces.
TECHNIQUES SURFACES technologies and know-how help engineers in surface engineering and/or surfaces protection, in a wide range of areas: aeronautics, aerospace, electricity, construction equipment, automotive, weapons…

This privileged position has four major advantages:

  • Treatments range applicable to most materials (steel , cast iron, mild or copper alloys , ceramics, glass , polymer, ... )
  • Solutions for all functions : mechanical , optical, electrical ...
  • Ability to combine multiple treatments and / or technologies to provide the appropriate response to a specific need to create a new function surface .
  • Ability to adapt to a given environment, proven technologies in other areas .

To carry out this, Techniques Surfaces and its units have set up several objectives:

  • Being close to major industrial sites to reduce delays and provide optimal service .
  • Listening to the needs of its customers by providing advice and technical assistance to set the optimal solution to their surface problems.
  • Maintain and develop manufacturing tool for increasingly efficient and competitive production to meet the diverse needs of these clients. This philosophy now allows technical surfaces treated, equally and with the same standards, parts going from single pieces to large production batches .
  • Ensure quality service beyond certifications by involving daily, all collaborators to ensure a consistent level of quality and uniform regardless Techniques surfaces institution undertaking the delivery .