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Ionic liquids offer a significant improvement in wear protection, sliding properties and fatigue strength on all kind of ferrous materials. A subsequent oxidizing quenching produce a major increase in corrosion resistance. Due to the main process characteristics like

• excellent reproducibility on high quality level
• shortest treatment times
• most negligible distortion
• highest flexibility

This technology gives often superior results to that of galvanic layers and other nitrocarburizing processes.

Salts for nitrocarburizing

With TENIFER / TUFFTRIDE / MELONITE and ARCOR we offer two different environment-friendly salt bath nitriding processes. Which of both nitriding processes is the most appropriate one depends on the requirements and the geometry of the parts. Our Technical Sales Department will be pleased to giving you advice to make the right choice.


Product Application Working temp. in °C
TF 1 Cyanide-free replenishment nitriding salt. For use only with REG 1 regenerator. 480 - 630
REG 1 Non-toxic regenerator for nitriding salt TF 1.  
TF-N Updated replenishment nitriding salt for gaining very compact layers. For use only with REG-N regenerator. 480 - 630
REG-N Non-toxic regenerator for TF-N baths.  
AB 1 Oxidizing salts for enhancing the corrosion resistance of TUFFTRIDE treated components and for QPQ process.  
AB-N For TF-N baths  

ARCOR Process

Product Application Working
temp. in °C
CR 4 / CR 8 Cyanide-free replenishment nitriding salt for the ARCOR C / V /N process; for use only with CR 2R and CR REG N regenerators 480 - 630
CR2R / CR REG N Non-toxic regenerators for CR4 / CR 8 nitriding salts.  
OXINIT 1.2 Oxidizing salt for cooling parts treated with CR 4 or CR 8; leads to an important increase of the corrosion resistance  


Product Application
NSK In special cases for the artificial activation of the nirtriding bathes.