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H-LINER S & S1 bushings

These bushings, manufactured from a friction liner applied on a glass fiber structure, have excellent friction properties and improved wear resistance without external lubrication even on high loads

Products Characteristics:

The woven material of H-LINER™ S/S1 is composed of a friction layer backed on a high mechanical resistance composite structure. The technical characteristics are much more higher than extruded plastics and don't require any greasing.


Working conditions

Max. dynamic contact pressure Max. static contact pressure Max. sliding speed Max. Temperature Thermal expansion coefficient Water absorption (24h)
S/S1: 140 MPa 400 MPa 0.5 m/s -40°C +160°C 4 E-5/°C 0.16 %


Housing Pin
H7-H8 h7-h8

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Mating shaft:

For optimal performance we recommend to use grinded pin with a roughness lower than Ra 0,4 μm and hardness higher than 400 HB. HEF DURFERRIT PEL™ OX pin are particularly appropriated to work against H-Liner® bushings.


- With no maintenance, self-lubricating
- High loads
- Weight Reduction
- Noise Reduction

Assembly instructions

H-Liner™ M bearings are best assembled by press fitting or by nitrogen mounting. (Other assembly techniques can also be used, ex: glue). For further information, please contact HEF DURFERRIT prior to use.