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CLIN treatments are flexible processes necessitating suitable equipment.
Standard equipment in the Techniques Surfaces network.

The treatment stages are carried out on a line, the parts being positioned on a specific tool, and these stages can be described as below:

Stages: Aims:
Degreasing / Rinsing To eliminate the oil and other foreign particles from the surface of the parts
Preheating To avoid thermal shock

To keep the nitrocarburizing oven at the setpoint temperature
Nitrocarburizing To create a combination layer together with a diffusion zone
Passivation* To carry out staged quenching so as to limit deformation

To create magnetite embedded in the porous surface
Water quenching To fix the nitrogen atoms in the material
Cascade rinsing To eliminate any trace of salt
Mechanical cleaning / Polishing* To reduce surface roughness
Impregnation* To seal the combination layer

(*)Optional stages depending on customer specification.

The equipment is, however, combined with a suction, air purification and liquid waste treatment system with the aim of limiting their presence to the solid state and therefore of limiting their impact on the environment.

With the aim of providing our customers with perfect traceability, perfect control of our parameters and therefore repeatability of our processes, our production equipment is computer-aided:

• Each treatment is thus defined in the software,
• Continuous control of the time and temperature parameters (alarms),
• Each action is announced then validated by the software,
• Recording of the parameters for each stage of the treatment,
• Internet connection for remote control.