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Environnement - Emissions reduction

HEF is heavily involved heavily involved in the development of technologies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the automotive industry.

Indeed, the reduction of friction in mechanical components is an opportunity to reduce internal combustion vehicle CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

The solutions developed by HEF are now used by engine manufacturers worldwide for the improvement of friction:

  • In rocker arm systems
  • In mobile coupling systems
  • In transmission systems

HEF is working upstream so as to extend its solutions to new applications which are:

  • The bottom of the engine
  • The gearbox
  • The hydraulic pumps

Furthermore, in connection with manufacturers' "downsizing" efforts, HEF is supplying solutions making it possible to push back the pressure limits permitted by components and thus make possible, for the same power output, the use of smaller engines or less heavy gearboxes, contributing in both cases to the reduction of emissions.

The applications are mobile coupling systems, injection, gearbox gears, EGR valves, etc.