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Composite bushings

H-Liner® composite bushings have excellent friction properties and improved wear resistance without external lubrication even on high loads.

H-Liner® M are manufactured with an homogeneous woven polymer material, on the complete wall thickness. This product is completely remachinable and also available as flanged bushings, washers and slides. They are also widely used for when low water absorption or misalignement resistance are required.

H-Liner® S are manufactured from a high strength composite fiberglass backing completed with an woven liner inside.

H-Liner® S1 are made from high strength composite fiberglass backing and completed with an improved wear resistance liner.

  Dyn. Load (N/mm²) Max speed (m/s) Max Temp (°C) Low-Maintenance Wear resistance Low water absorption
H-Liner™ M 80 0,5 130°C +++ ++ +++
H-Liner™ S 140 0,5 160°C +++ ++ +
H-Liner™ S1 140 0,5 160°C +++ +++ +

Mating Shaft:

For optimal performance we recommend to use grinded pin with a roughness lower than Ra 0,4 μm and hardness higher than 400 HB. HEF DURFERRIT PEL® OX pin are particularly appropriated to work against H-Liner Bushings.


Maintenance free
Weight reduction
Noise reduction
Corrosion resistance
Good chemicals resistance
Insulating material
Misalignement accomodation


Off-shore / oil & gas
Hydropower Energy
Conveyor rollers
Handling equipment
Recycling industries