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COD 11® bearings

COD 11® bearings are manufactured from a copper aluminum alloy with excellent resistance to oxidation, to seizure and wear thanks to a hardened surface treatment and to grease reservoirs on the contact area.

Thanks to different surface topography, the intervals of lubrication on COD 11® bushing with cross hatching or COD 11® BH bushings with cavities are considerably increased.

This COD 11® technology is also availiable for slide, washer, etc.

  Dyn. Load (N/mm²) Max Speed (m/s) Max Temp (°C) Abrasion resistance Shocks resistance Corrosion resistance Low-Maintenance
COD 11® 60 0,2 350°C + +++ +++ +
COD 11® BH 80 0,2 350°C + +++ +++ ++

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Mating Shaft:

For optimal performances of the joint, the surface roughness should be inferior to 0.8 μm Ra. Under severe working conditions, shafts hardened ≥55 HRC or ≥ 600 Hv1 are recommended.

For optimal performances, special shafts are available from HEF DURFERRIT : COD® ST, COD® STC, COD® OX, for marine applications : in sea water environment, we recommend COD® EM shafts.


Excellent resistance to wear and seizure
Excellent corrosion resistance
Long greasing intervals
Excellent distribution of the lubricant on the friction area


Steel industry
Hydro power enery