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CLIN treatments offer high wear resistance (abrasive and adhesive) which can be associated with excellent corrosion resistance.

The adjustment of the treatment parameters offers a very wide use range from the point of view of mechanical characteristics, tribological properties or corrosion performance.

Indeed, their main advantages are:

Advantages: Explanations:
Good friction properties Dry tribological properties of the porous layer

Improvement of surface chargeability of oil
Wear resistance Good friction properties

High surface hardness and considerable layer hardness
Excellent seizure resistance Ceramic properties of the nitride layer which prevents adhesion by sticking between mechanical parts
Surface mechanical resistance Combination layer integrated in the material

Gradient of hardness from the surface
Excellent corrosion resistance Combination layer, oxidized and impregnated, perfectly sealed
Hot stability Maximum permitted use temperature greater than 500°C
No re-machining No deformation but a reswelling corresponding to 1/3rd of the thickness of the combination layer
Cosmetic appearance Combination layer, oxidized and impregnated, offering a uniform black appearance and dry-to-the-touch feel

These advantages offer numerous prospects in the automotive, construction equipment, household goods, hydraulics, Oil & Gas, food, tooling, armament, etc. industries.

CLIN treatments can thus resolve technical problems by replacing conventional heat treatments (case hardening, induction quenching, etc.) and other surface coatings (hard chromium, chemical nickel, etc.), but they can also be a solution to reduce costs.

Thanks to their excellent corrosion resistance, CLIN treated steel parts can replace stainless steel.