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Bushings / Joints

Thanks to its surface treatments and surface engineering expertise, HEF DURFERRIT has developed for 30 years a full range of bushings allowing it to meet the most diverse needs of its customers.

The original bushing developed and implemented by the HEF group was based on the use of special surface treatments and special surface geometries (grids , cavities ..) . These steel bushings were quickly recognized for their ability to operate under high pressure and vibration in harsh environments (abrasion , shocks, corrosion ... ) . HEF steel bushings are commonly used in construction equipment , agriculture, steel industry, cement industry, glassware ...

Composite bushings came more recently, allowing HEF DURFERRIT bushings range to meet the new needs of designers and users:
• Reduced maintenance (deletion of lubrication operations)
• Environment friendly (removal of lost lubrication )
• Cost (elimination of lubrication systems , increased steel prices , ... )

These composite bearings works without lubrication and under severe conditions. They were quickly adopted for their high tribological performance, low coefficient of friction and lifetime in various applications such as handling, agriculture equipment , hydraulic turbines ...

All technologies (topography, processing , materials ... ) implemented on the bushings are adaptable on different products, such as slides, washers, spherical bushings...

To go further, HEF DURFERRIT may also, with its expertise in machining and treatments, propose sleeves, pins…, thus providing a comprehensive solution and superior joint performance.

Apart from the mechanical components and friction parts , HEF DURFERRIT can achieve A to Z production on all mechanical parts implementing HEF group treatments. Thus simplifying the logistics flow and intermediaries, HEF DURFERRIT is positioned as your single point of contact for complex parts sometimes requiring the implementation of several operations and / or more treatments.