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Boriding is a thermochemical process which gives components :

  • very high hardness up to 2000 Vickers
  • outstanding abrasive wear resistance
  • high temperature strength up to 800°C
  • strongly reduced sticking properties

We supply the boriding product alternatively as fine granules or as paste. Both give excellent layer qualities and oppressed successfully the unwanted very brittle FeB-phase.

Product Application Working
temp. in °C
DURBORID™ G Granules that create perfectly formed boride layers for maximum performance. After treatment the work piece can be easy removed. 850 –1000
DURBORID™PASTE Water-based boriding paste, submersible and sprayable, hardly drips for high quality layers. Also suitable for partial boriding. Must be used with an inert gas (Ar, N2). 850 –1000