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Blackening produces a uniform deep black layer on components made from ferrous materials which gives them a decorative appearance. It is performed by immersion in a boiling alkaline oxidizing salt solution.

Produit Application Température
de travail en °C
G19 / G22 Alkaline cleaner for hot degreasing prior to blackening 60 - 80
BEIZENTFETTER For descaling prior to blackening. Has some degreasing properties.  
FERROBLACK™MH Blackening salt containing special additives for a wide range of application. 140 approx.
FERROBLACK™ SPEZIAL Ideal for blackening silicon steels and cast iron. 140 approx.
FERROBLACK™ HL Particularly suitable for parts with copper coatings and brazed joints 140 approx.
FERROBLACK™ NIF Non-toxic blackening salt; more suitable for 2-bath processes. 140 approx.
FERROSOL HL A booster for all blackening bathes either for short-term regeneration or for treatment of complicated workpieces.  
STREICH-BRÜNIERBEIZE A fluid product for brushing on or immersion at room temperature. Ideal for repairs and hobby use.  
DRS 3 Emulsion for dipping to improve corrosion resistance.