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All bushings technolgies from HEF group are available on slide shape. Theses slides offer a bigger wear resistance than the usual slides. So they rise significantly the systems lifetime.


Also, all the caracteristics indicated for the bushings are valid for the flat products (slides, washers...)

- PEL™ slides:
- High pressure
- Seizure resistance
- Shocks résistance
- Abrasion resistance
 - COD11™ slides:
- Corrosion resistance
- Seizure resistance
- Shocks resistance 
FAM™ slides:
- High abrasion resistance  
- Shocks résistance
 - TESCO™ slides:
- High surface hardness, even at high temperature
- Abrasion resistance
H-LINER™ slides:
- Maintenance free, selflubricant
- Small friction coefficient
- complexe shapes available
- Small water absorption Faible
- Small weight